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Duobot is one of the largest networks of Steam level-up bots on the platform. Scroll down to learn more about leveling up your steam profile, or click below to get started!

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Why level up?

More Friends

More Friends

Have you ran out of room on your friends list? Leveling up allows you to add 5 more friends for every level that you gain!

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More Showcases

For every 10 level milestone, gain the ability to add another showcase to your profile.

Steam friends sorted by level

Show Off

The higher the level you are, the higher you will show up on your friends profile.

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Discount Coupons for Games

When you level up a badge, you will receive a discount coupon for a random game.

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This quick guide will help you through the entire process to make sure you can get that new flashy level badge on your profile.

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